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Expert photography in Maidstone

Our photography in Maidstone speciality is preserving those ephemeral moments that you want to endure a lifetime. My skilled photographers know how to use these locations to bring out the most in your shots. I guarantee to bring your memories to life, whether it is a family photo in the lush surroundings or a corporate headshot with a hint of greenery. We provide a range of photography in Maidstone services to record your most priceless memories and capture those unique moments.

Maidstone is a lovely place with lots of lovely and creative locations for a picture session. Maidstone is home to some stunning locations, such as the Grange Moor Hotel, Allington Castle, and Orangery Maidstone. Mote Park is a gorgeous outdoor setting for your picture session if that is what you are searching for. It provides a picturesque setting for family, maternity, and other special event photography, including your engagement, with its boating lake, woods, and gardens. Want to add life to your photos? Hire our photographer Maidstone team and let us bring out the best from our lens.

For more information, please reach us at 07977 802 592 or info@fieldsofgrowthphotography.com

Maidstone Photographic Services

Explore a wide array of photographic services created especially for the energetic community. Whether you are looking to document life’s special events or want expert photography Maidstone, we are dedicated to producing outstanding images that speak to you. Examine each product in-depth to determine which one best suit your requirements.

Maternity photoshoot

Take advantage of this special moment in your life to capture your pregnancy in pictures with a custom maternity session. My goal when working with pregnant women is to help them feel at ease, have fun, and focus on themselves while strengthening their relationship with their unborn child.

Our Maidstone photographer will assist you with selecting the ideal location and see to it that you are at ease, self-assured, and calm in front of the camera. You may look back on the moments you shared with your child, even before they were born, with the photos I take, which you will own forever.

Newborn baby photography

There is no better way to celebrate your child’s birth than with a personalised album of pictures that immortalise those fleeting moments. As a mother myself, I am aware of the deep happiness and feelings that accompany the birth of a child; I am here to support you in cherishing the time you have with your new baby. It is okay if you want to hold off till your child is a bit older. To make sure your photos are everything you want them to be, my photoshoot Maidstone experts will make accommodations for you and your family.

Family portraits

Looking for professional family photography Maidstone experts? I adore taking portraits and working with families to document the unique qualities of each member and the group’s dynamics. Family, extended family, infants, and dogs are all welcome—the more the merrier! I will take the time to learn what you hope to achieve from your picture session and may also capture individual photographs. I will take stunning, classic pictures of you and your loved ones that would look great on display or as the ideal present. Your family photoshoot Maidstone sessions will be customised, and I will make sure the whole family has a good time and is at ease throughout.

Treat your family to a photoshoot

Event photography

For any kind of special occasion—birthday, christening, engagement, family gathering, or anything else—I can be your companion with my photographers Maidstone team. I will work quietly and blend in the background so you can focus on enjoying your event and I will take pictures of the special moments. You’ll be able to remember the event with joy thanks to your photos. I work at events of various kinds, from formal dances at Rianos to casual family dinners at neighbourhood eateries like the Gurkha Kitchen. I will adjust to whatever the occasion calls for and make sure you have a special collection of pictures that are made just for you with my Event Photography.

Capture the best parts of your event 

Pet photography

Your pet is a member of the family; I photograph both humans and animals, allowing the animals to take centre stage in order to capture their distinct characteristics. I enjoy working with animals; it might be difficult to get a dog to remain still for a portrait or a cat to stay on your knee, but I am up for the challenge! Since I like animals, I understand that many families feel incomplete without their furry companions in photos, therefore I will make sure your pet is represented however you’d like with my Pet Photography.

Let your pet steal the limelight

Business Photography

With a focus on product, corporate headshots, and office interior photography, we provide a comprehensive range of specialised photographic services that are customised to meet your individual requirements. Our talented photographers can capture the soul of your team or present your products with the best quality product photography. They are adept at producing dynamic photographs that are perfect for digital marketing, social media, and websites. Focusing on branding and marketing photos, we customise every photography in Maidstone session to represent the distinct character of your line of work.

Professional & reliable business photography

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With years of experience in the industry, our photographers have honed their craft and mastered the art of capturing the perfect shot.


Photography is not just a job for us – it is our passion. We pour our hearts and souls into every shoot, ensuring that each image is a true reflection of your personality and style.


From creative compositions to unique lighting techniques, we are always pushing the boundaries of conventional photography to deliver stunning results that exceed your expectations.

Personalized Service

We understand that every client is unique, which is why we take the time to listen to your needs and tailor our services accordingly. Whether you are looking for a traditional photoshoot or something more avant-garde, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Are you ready to schedule your Maidstone photoshoot? Make an appointment with us right now to start your session and let us assist you in making lifelong memories. Whether you need a Maidstone photographer for a formal headshot, a family portrait, or any other event, we can go above and beyond to provide amazing outcomes.

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