Photographer in Dartford

Your search for a professional photographer to seize life’s most beautiful moments ends right here. I’m Rich, and photography runs through my veins. There’s nothing I love more than presenting people with the images they’ve always yearned for, breathing life into their creative vision. With a wealth of experience behind the camera, I’m well-equipped to cater to all your photography needs in Dartford, from capturing the magic of weddings to immortalising corporate events. I offer my services as a photographer throughout the south of England and have conducted countless successful photoshoots in Dartford. With an intimate understanding of the area’s hidden gems, I will transform your images into works of art. Call me on 07977 802 592 and let’s make magic happen.

My photography services in the Dartford area

If you’re in search of an experienced photographer in Dartford, look no further. With my extensive experience and unwavering passion for photography, I am dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Capturing precious family moments with expertise

I specialise in capturing the joy and love shared within families, creating timeless photographs that beautifully preserve your most cherished moments.

Transformative brand photography to elevate your business

Professional photography has the power to elevate your brand’s visual identity and online presence. Let me help you create captivating imagery that resonates with your target audience.

Expressing the unique personalities of your pets

Our furry friends hold a special place in our hearts, and I take great joy in capturing their individual personalities. You will treasure their captivating pet portraits forever.

Preserving the essence of your special occasion

As an experienced photographer, I understand the importance of capturing the essence of your special event. Trust me to document your occasion with a keen eye and attention to detail.

Comprehensive photography services for businesses

Whether you need professional images to promote your products or capture important milestones in your business’s journey, I offer tailored photography services that align with your brand and objectives.

Reliable photography services for schools

Capture the spirit and vibrancy of your school community with professional photography services tailored to your needs. Let me help you showcase your institution’s strengths and attract prospective students.

How much could your photography cost?

Your photoshoot is tailored to your unique desires. I believe in open dialogue and welcome discussions to understand your vision better. Together, we can decide on the package that suits you best. For further information, please refer to my pricing page.


Get started today

I’m eager to connect with you and discuss how we can make your photoshoot everything you’ve been looking for. For photography services in Dartford, feel free to reach out to me on 07977 802 592 or request a call back or send an email to

Dartford’s local spots for outdoor photography

Oftentimes, when it comes to family photography and pet portraits, an outdoor photoshoot proves to be an ingenious and visually captivating choice worth considering! In the vicinity of Dartford, a plethora of scenic wonders awaits our exploration. Among these gems lies Central Park, an exquisite green haven adorned with sprawling lawns, vibrant flower beds, and tranquil water features that effortlessly lend themselves as a delightful backdrop for your photographs. Alternatively, we have the splendid option of Darenth Country Park, where woodlands, meadows, and picturesque lakes converge, creating a serene and natural ambiance for your shoot. With an array of stunning outdoor settings at our disposal, we will discover the perfect location in Dartford to capture timeless and enchanting images that genuinely reflect your artistic vision.


Your frequently asked questions

Your curiosity is completely understandable, and I’m eager to provide you with the answers you’re looking for. Check out my FAQs page for valuable information, as many of my customers have likely had the same questions.


Read about current trends and tips

I take great pleasure in sharing my passion for photography and staying informed about the latest trends and techniques that shape the industry. If you have a similar interest, I invite you to look at my blog, where you’ll find engaging content to explore.

Arrange your discovery call today

Connect with me to organise a discovery call for your Dartford photoshoot. You can reach me on 07977 802 592 or request a call back or via email at

Working with me: What to expect

I am dedicated to providing an exceptional experience that aligns with my four core values.

Adaptable and versatile services

No matter the occasion, my photography services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. From capturing heartwarming pet portraits to professional business images, I will deliver exceptional results.


I deeply value your creative input, and I strive to complement it with my own artistic approach. By blending our visions, we will capture breathtaking shots that reflect your unique style.


Professionalism is the foundation of my services. From our initial contact to the final delivery of your photographs, I maintain a high level of professionalism, building trust and rapport with my clients every step of the way.

Empathy and

I understand that being in front of the camera can be intimidating. With a compassionate approach, I create a safe and comfortable space for you to express yourself. Your comfort and satisfaction are my top priorities.

Arrange your photoshoot today

It would be my pleasure to hear from you and discuss your ideas for your photoshoot in Dartford. Get in touch with me at 07977 802 592 or request a call back or drop me an email at I’m looking forward to capturing your special moments!