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Professional event photography for memorable shots

When you’re hosting an event, the last thing you want is to have your night branded a success without any pictures to commemorate it! I enjoy capturing the spontaneous and the candid moments at an event and will blend into the background so that I can provide pictures that really highlight the energy of the space. Your event could be a corporate party or a small celebration with family and friends but, no matter the occasion, my photography services will tell the story flawlessly. I’ll be happy to speak with you about covering your event – give me a ring on 07977 802 592.

Event photography gallery

Photographing events of all kinds: What I can do?

With my photography experience and passion for capturing the candid joy of an event, you’ll find my services will complement your gathering.  I’ll snap the reactions and interactions between your guests, portraying the function in the most genuine way. I can offer photography for all occasions, such as:

  • Corporate parties
  • Conferences
  • Family gatherings
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Dance events including shows
  • Live performances
  • Business launches

Where to start? Follow this process

Using photography for your event doesn’t have to be a daunting process, in fact we can get started very easily! All you have to do is get in touch with me.

  • We will have an initial chat to begin with so that I can identify what you’re looking for from your photographs.
  • I’ll send over an inspiration board prior to the event so that we are on the same creative page.
  • At your event, I will blend into the background and capture the genuine joy and importance of the function.
  • I will send over your images 7-10 days later, via an email or link, ready for your perusal!

How much is event photography?

Ensuring my services are cost-effective and of excellent quality is extremely important to me. My standard rate for event photography is £300 for 2 hours, with every additional hour costing £100. You’ll receive a full digital package of retouched, high-resolution photographs sent via an email with a link enclosed to an online gallery. From here you can download your images.

  • The conversion of your images into black and white is an additional £45.

My rates for a bespoke approach

If what you’re looking for doesn’t quite fall into my structured offerings, I can definitely be flexible. Get in touch with me to talk it over and let’s get started!

  • 2 hours – £300
  • Half a day – £450
  • Full day – £700

Tell me about your event

If you’re interested in my excellent photography services for your event, let’s talk it over. Call me on 07977 802 592 or request a call back or email

Experienced photography for corporate events

Photographing corporate events is a skill, one that I’ve built up over the years! No matter the dynamic of your event, whether formal or low-key, I will capture images that reflect the success of the function. For all areas of business, from headshots to your brand photography, you can rely on me to represent you perfectly!

Present your pictures proudly

Your event deserves to be displayed. Whether it’s your wedding or a business event, I can provide your pictures in many formats such as canvas, including framed or mounted pictures and wall art and hangings. This means you can remember your event every day for the enjoyable function that it was.

Here’s why we should work together…

Working with people on their events, I know that sometimes photography is the last thing you want to be thinking about. That’s why I take responsibility for the process, providing excellent pictures that you can look back on. There are four main values that I ensure all my customers experience the benefits of!

A versatile

I am versatile in my services, ensuring that I can provide for any requirement. This applies to the event you would like photographed as well as the creative direction you’d like to explore.

Creativity to achieve your vision

Creativity is such a large part of photography, which is why I ensure that it is carried into every one of my services. This is also something we can collaborate on, achieving the vision you have in mind.

Unwavering professionalism

At your event, you may be conscious that you do not want a photographer who is too obvious among the guests. I am experienced and professional, blending into the background to achieve the most natural pictures possible.

Establishing trust in customer relationships

Trust is a massive part of what I do and ensuring that my customers trust me will help me take the best pictures of your event. To create this trust, I will strive to get to know you and your imagined design.

Let’s get started

Get in touch with me on 07977 802 592 or request a call back or email so we can discuss your event photography needs. I can’t wait to get started.