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Joyful school photography

School photography is designed to help educational institutions upgrade their visual content for a prospectus, a brochure, or a website. This could include photographs of classes in session, images of classrooms, facilities and grounds, and even playground fun and games. My experience in photography ensures that your school photoshoot will provide the images you need to represent your school as the positive environment that it is. School photography is about capturing the special moments and events that make up the school experience, whether this is the joy of the first day at school or the excitement of graduation day. Why not make the most my services and capture those memories, by calling 07977 802 592.

Providing trustworthy services

I am experienced in working in schools and building trusting working relationships with teachers and school officials. I am DBS checked and I obtain all the necessary consent within the contracts to ensure parents are happy with their children being photographed.

What can school photography include?

Your school photography can consist of many different images, and you can let me know exactly what your requirements are so that we can achieve what you’re looking for, together. Your school photography could be:

  • Classrooms
  • Facilities
  • School grounds
  • Playgrounds featuring the fun and games of school children
  • Classes in session

School photography offers something for everyone, and your images can be used to bring credibility to your educational institution and show possible students the fun they could have at the school.

School portraits and group images

Many parents love the day when they receive their child’s school portrait, and it often gets circulated around the extended family and friends! I can be the one to take these school portraits, ensuring your child’s school experience is complemented by their happy picture. Also available in school photography is class pictures, creating memories of your child’s entire class.

Displaying your imagery throughout the school

The images I will take are ones that you will be proud to present. Therefore, why not display them throughout your school? I can provide your pictures in many formats, such as wall hangings and printed, mounted pictures. This will allow you to create a display of the joy that can be had at your school. You can also use your images on brochures and your website, drawing possible students and their parents to visit what you have to offer.

Let’s connect

Let’s have a conversation about what you’re looking for – I love getting to know your requirements and finding out how we can realise them together. Give me a call on 07977 802 592 or request a call back or email

Photographing schools all over south England

No matter where your school is located in the south of England, I can travel to you to ensure you benefit from school photography that represents the positivity that students can experience. Schools all the way from Beckenham to Rochester can benefit from photography that paints your school in the best light possible!

Working together: What you can expect

Throughout every one of my services, I ensure I am embodying each of my four core values. This ensures my clients experience an incredible photography service with me, having fun at their photoshoots as well as being provided with excellent images.

A selection of versatile services

I pride myself on my versatility – you can benefit from school photography as well as family and brand photography.

A creative emphasis

I have a creative eye – let’s create the images that you’ve been wishing for. No vision is too difficult.

Working with integrity

Both integrity and trust are very important to me throughout my services, ensuring I do what is best by my clients.

An empathetic approach

In school photography, students can sometimes be shy. I approach this empathetically and make the process fun.

Get in contact with me for excellent school photography

If you require images of your students or your facilities, get in touch with me and we can discuss everything you need. You can call me on 07977 802 592 or request a call back or email