Photographer in Epsom

When it comes to capturing life’s most treasured moments, finding the perfect professional photographer is crucial. Look no further, for I am here to exceed your expectations. My name is Rich, and I am deeply passionate about the art of photography. I thrive on delivering the images you’ve been longing for, bringing your creative vision to life. With a solid background behind the lens, I offer a wide range of services to cater to your needs, whether it’s the elegance of wedding photography or the vibrancy of documenting your business events. Covering the south of England, I am proud to work as a photographer in Epsom. This is an area where I have conducted countless successful photoshoots and have learned the hidden gems that will make your images truly shine. Let’s get started on your photographic journey – contact me at 07977 802 592.

My photography services in the Epsom area

With my wealth of experience and genuine passion for photography, I am committed to providing you with exceptional services. The moments we capture will be treasured forever.

Preserving cherished family memories

Family is everything, and I specialise in capturing the love, laughter, and special connections within families. Let me create beautiful photographs that reflect the unique dynamics of your loved ones.

Elevating your brand through captivating photography

In today’s visually-driven world, professional photography is essential for showcasing your brand’s personality and attracting your target audience. Allow me to represent your brand in the best light.

Celebrating your furry friends with stunning pet portraits

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts, and I love capturing their personalities through captivating portraits. Let’s create timeless images that showcase the unique bond between you and your beloved companions.

Preserving the essence of your special occasion

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, I have the expertise to capture the essence and emotions of your special occasion. Let me be there to document every precious moment, ensuring that no memory is forgotten.

Professional photography for your business needs

Whether you need product photography, corporate headshots, or visual content for your marketing materials, I offer tailored solutions that highlight the strengths of your business and help you make a lasting impression.

Preserving school memories through expert photography

From graduation ceremonies to school events, I understand the importance of capturing the spirit and achievements of educational institutions. Let’s create stunning photographs that tell your school’s unique story.

How much could your photography cost?

The cost of your photoshoot is flexible and depends on your specific wishes. By working together, we can determine the most suitable package for you. For a comprehensive breakdown, kindly explore my pricing page.


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Epsom’s local spots for outdoor photography

Frequently, when it comes to family photography and pet portraits, opting for an outdoor photoshoot introduces a refreshing and visually captivating element to your images! In and around Epsom, a treasure trove of remarkable locations beckons us to embark on an exploration. Among these gems lies the magnificent Epsom Downs, an expansive stretch of rolling hills and breathtaking vistas that serve as an idyllic backdrop for your photographs. Another splendid choice is Horton Country Park, boasting enchanting woodlands, serene ponds, and picturesque walking trails, all contributing to a tranquil and natural ambiance. With an array of awe-inspiring outdoor settings at our disposal, we will discover the perfect location in Epsom to immortalise memorable and captivating images that genuinely mirror your creative vision.


Your frequently asked questions

I appreciate that you may have a few questions, and I’m here to help. You may find the information you’re seeking on my FAQs page, as others have likely had similar thoughts.


Read about current trends and tips

Nothing excites me more than sharing my love for photography and keeping up with the ever-evolving trends and techniques in the field. If you’re as passionate about these topics as I am, I invite you to look at my blog.

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Working with me: What to expect

I am committed to providing a seamless, collaborative experience guided by my four core values.

Versatile and adaptable services

My photography services are designed to meet your unique needs, whether it’s capturing cherished moments with your pets or creating professional images for your business. I pride myself on versatility and adaptability to deliver exceptional results.


Your creative vision is important to me, and I strive to bring it to life through my photography. By combining your ideas with my artistic perspective, we will create captivating shots that leave a lasting impression.


Professionalism is at the forefront of every service I provide. From our initial contact to the final delivery of your photographs, I maintain a high level of professionalism, ensuring clear communication, reliability, and a seamless experience.

Empathy and

I understand that being in front of the camera can be a vulnerable experience. With empathy and understanding, I create a supportive environment where you can feel comfortable and confident. Your satisfaction and comfort are my utmost priorities.

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