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Professional photographer Medway

My name is Rich. I enjoy being in front of the camera and have expertise in the field of photography. I provide a wide range of services, including commercial and brand photography, pet photos, and more. I have offered my skills and planned photo sessions in Medway at places with stunning backdrops. This may include locations along the River Medway and Upnor Castle. I have done family portraits at homes on Broom Hill Road and Gerrard Avenue. To express interest in my professional photography services in Medway, please contact me.

Photography Services in Medway

Discover a vast range of picture services designed just for the vibrant Medway community. Whether you are seeking professional photographer Medway or to capture life’s memorable moments, we are committed to creating exceptional shots that capture your essence. Look closely at each product to see which one best fit your needs. 

Business Photography

By utilising our tailored business photography services in Medway, you can improve your brand recognition. Whether you are launching a new product, revamping your corporate identity, or showcasing the skills of your staff, our gifted brand photographer in Medway specialises in capturing the essence of your company. With everything from vibrant corporate headshots to business photos that exude professionalism and personality to captivating product photos that highlight the unique features of your products, we will help you stand out in today’s cutthroat market with our product photography 

Professional & reliable business photography

Family photography

Both our surroundings and our identities are shaped by the little and big moments in our lives. At Fields of Photography, we believe these moments may be preserved for future generations via photography. Our Family photography packages are designed to capture your family’s love, laughter, and unique interactions. From posed pictures that showcase the loveliness and kinship of your family to candid pictures that capture the energy and passion of daily life, we are here to accurately and artistically capture every priceless moment 

Treat your family to a photoshoot

Property Photography

Whether you are selling your home or marketing your company, having excellent images is essential to making an impression. Fields of Photography specialized in real estate photography that highlights the unique features and commercial advantages of your area. Using professional Property Photography that sets your home apart from the competition, from stunning exterior shots that capture curb appeal to inside shots that showcase the design and amenities, we will help you attract potential renters and buyers.  

Property Photography

Pet Photography

Pets are more than just animals; they are beloved members of the family. Because we at Fields of Photography understand the special bond you have with your furry friends, our pet photography services aim to capture the originality and spirit of your furry friends. Whether your objectives are humorous portraiture, action shots, or candid moments that showcase your pet’s unique qualities, our skilled photographers will work with you to create memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.  

Let your pet steal the limelight

Event Photography

Every event, including marriages, birthday parties, business meetings, and community gatherings, ought to be thoughtfully and creatively documented on video. Whether it is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration or a corporate milestone, our event photography services are made to capture the essence of your memorable day. From spontaneous photographs that capture the energy and excitement of the moment to posed group photos and detail shots that showcase the décor and ambiance, we will expertly and artistically capture every aspect of your event.  

Capture the best parts of your event 

School Photography

Our school photography services are designed to accurately and creatively capture these moments since school days are filled with enduring memories. We will work with you to create images that, whether it be through class portraits, individual portraits, or candid shots of kids engaged in play, convey the unique personality and essence of your school community. Whether you are looking for traditional school images or more contemporary lifestyle shots, Fields of Photography is your go-to partner for capturing the essence of your educational experience.  

Uplifting school photography

Why Choose Us


With years of professional expertise under their belts, our team of gifted photographers contributes a wealth of knowledge to every task. We possess the know-how and creativity to bring your vision to life, whether it is for a corporate campaign or a significant personal achievement.  

Personalised Service:

At Fields of Photography, we believe that our dedication to providing individualised care and painstaking attention to detail sets us apart from the competitors. From the initial consultation to the last delivery, we collaborate with you to comprehend your objectives and preferences in order to make sure that your vision is accurately and skillfully realised 

Superior Quality:

We take great pride in delivering work that is of the greatest grade possible. From the lighting and composition of each shot to the post-processing and editing, we strive for perfection in every area to ensure that you always receive images that exceed your expectations.  

Broad Range of Services:

Whether you need commercial photography for your company or event coverage for a corporate gathering, Fields of Photography offers a wide selection of services to meet your demands. Regardless of the subject or setting, we have the expertise to create visually arresting photos that have an effect.  

Fields of Photography is the partner you should use for all your photographic needs in Medway and the surrounding areas. Our staff is committed to using our wide range of services, exceptional quality, individualised attention, and dedication to excellence to bring your concept to life with creativity and professionalism. If you are a person looking to record special moments in time or a business looking to improve your brand via stunning photography, we can help. Contact Fields of Photography right now to discuss your idea and let us create images that tell your unique story.  

Book Your Photography Session in Medway

Want an expert photographer to create and deliver beautiful photographs meeting your needs? Let us talk – I’d love to understand your vision. Give me a call on 07977 802 592 or email 

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