3 ingredients for a relaxed newborn photography shoot

Book your session early

Once a photographer knows your due date, space can be made in the calendar allowing flexibility for time to allow mother-nature to take its course. This also allows the opportunity for you to share ideas that you may have, especially so if you have a theme in mind.

No rush

As much as it is left for the photographer to get on with things in guiding proceedings, ultimately, it is the baby who is in control and who will signal when ready. There is no rush to capture images on the day. The calmer the adults are, the calmer the baby will be.

A warm and peaceful atmosphere created and the experience will be more enjoyable for all.


A newborn session is all about the celebration of a new life and the joy of a new arrival into a family.

My portrait sessions are relaxed and having the experience of photographing babies, I am prepared for nearly every eventuality and every surprise. So there is no need to feel embarrassed at any stage.

More so, take some time to relax and let the focus remain on your little one and immerse yourself in the love in your home.

Give me a call today

Let’s start the process of arranging your photoshoot. Give me a call on 07977 802 592 or request a call back or email info@fieldsofgrowthphotography.com so I can understand what you’re looking for.