How does a pet photography session work?

The objective of pet photography and pet portraits is to make the experience fun, care-free and informal. With this in mind the images just flow when your pet is ready.


Having worked with models, there are factors such as styling, make-up, a range of outfits and location to consider.

There is an element of purity with pet photography. It’s a lens, you and them, in their most natural form.


By arranging a quiet atmosphere, I am able to build a good relationship with the animal. Communicate with sounds and only when there is real difficulty in having your pet settle, will I resort to food treats as a way of bribery.

Good food, that will have your pet hopefully onside and calm. By using soft lighting, rather than LEDs and a flash adds to make a more natural scene.


If the animal says, ‘no’, you don’t say ‘yes’. There is no waving of arms or raising of voices. Sometimes you just leave the situation and try again later, when your pet is feeling more in sync with you and the setting it finds itself in.

Trouble Shooting

Without doubt, animals mirror children. You can’t rush the situation and patience is the solution to any restlessness and agitation. You must allow time and if it takes three hours, then so be it. As the one killer image with that special look makes it all worth it. Especially so, when your animal displays their unique character.

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