Five benefits of choosing a micro wedding

All are present in the knowledge that the occasion will be unconventional, which enables you to exclude traditions you do not favour. In doing so, you can consider themes that appeal to you with free abandon.

  • More meaningful personal connections and time afforded for each guest

This 2021 lockdown wedding, provided the opportunity to focus solely on the stars of the show, namely, the bride and groom. There was no grand reception, the meeting and greeting of extended family members and friends of the bride and groom (whose names you instantly forget), extravagant floral arrangements, hen maids or copious amounts of indulgence on hand; in the form of lavish food and refreshments that you associate with larger gatherings.

Nonetheless, all the fun aspects of a wedding remained and were centred around those present.

The laughs shared between the guests, the small, intimate nature of this micro wedding encouraged all involved to participate and witness the unmistakable affection and love that was evident on the day. Rather than the obligatory thirty seconds to a minute spent in conversation with the bride and groom, until another guest intervenes, more time is afforded with each guest. No major rush and more personal interactions.

  • More flexibility in planning

Large weddings require sizeable venues to host a wedding party. Venues with smaller capacities that may not be primarily be designed for such occasions, actually offer more adaptability. Restaurants, bars, pubs and clubhouses will likely accommodate smaller numbers whether it is for a sit-down meal, dancing or imbibement. A dream location could be sought, one that would not automatically be available to host a large convoy.

  • More time spent with your spouse

The most important day of your life can be spent in harmony without 500 guests to talk to and feed, marathon speeches and worrying that everyone is enjoying themselves. Often the married couple look exhausted from the formality of larger proceedings. In a micro wedding setting, the main duo can maintain their composure which makes for more relaxed photos and they can save that energy for when it is needed later on in the evening. . . .

  • Photographs with each guest

A micro wedding provides the opportunity for a photographer to capture each and every guest and to actually have images with the newly weds alongside all of those in attendance. This is not always possible in a larger group setting.

  • Not as costly

Stating the obvious here, nevertheless, budget comes into play when planning a wedding. A gathering for those closest and dearest can easily spiral into, ‘An audience with. . . .’ and as much as you like Bob at the post-office and Jill at the local supermarket checkout, those weddings when the ‘friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend’ makes an appearance can mean a major indent on resources.

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