My approach to maternity photography


Reminding a mother-to-be that she is a beautiful human being, even though she may not feel like it in the moment, is key in my approach to maternity photography when communicating verbally and in the production of images.

A common emotion can be one of feeling less than positive, which is to be expected when the body is changing day by day and there is an element of fear, uncertainty and doubt, with what lies ahead.

My job is to create a scene of calm and if you like to act as a distraction to allay those fears, when a camera is being directed on a sometimes apprehensive model.


I centre the shoot on what mum wishes in terms of highlighting her bump in the most flattering of ways. The experience is designed to empower mum in a situation that is a special and very personal time of their life.


These types of shoots aren’t particularly posed, but that is down to the individual and how natural or planned they want their images, as part of their session.

I would recommend a dress or dresses that would be similar to one worn at a wedding, as a style to showcase mum, her bump and her glow.

Where and when

At home, utilising plenty of natural light where possible; or outdoors in season with a sun lit backdrop amongst nature are just notions that can become reality.

Unsure of when to book? I recommend having maternity sessions between week 30 and 36. This ensures a beautiful baby bump to look back on.

Give me a call today

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