Wedding poses: Explore the possibilities


When it comes to the pictures of your wedding day, it’s understandable to want your images to be as striking and as breath-taking as possible. After all, they’re something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life! If you’re not used to being in front of the camera, you might find that you’re a bit nervous about the wedding photo process. Sometimes, a sticking point for people is the posing… Although it can feel unnatural, posing for pictures is what will make them unique and can help you capture the moment between the two of you. So, how do you pose in the best way?

Brainstorming ahead of the day

Ahead of your wedding day, it’s a good idea to brainstorm for inspiration. This can help you find a selection of poses that you like the look of, and may want to emulate in your own wedding pictures. Having a variety of options in your mind ahead of when the time comes to pose could mean that you are less daunted in the moment.

You could think about these poses…

If you’re looking for some ideas, you could think about these options and discuss them with your expert wedding photographer. Wedding poses often allow you to be slightly more playful than a regular photoshoot, and it’s all about showing off the connection the two of you share.

The ‘prom’ picture

This pose is reminiscent of the classic ‘prom’ pictures, but done right, its simplicity can help the love you share shine through. With one of your back’s towards the other’s chest, the close embrace will allow for some affection in the photo, and allows you both to smile at the camera.

It’s time for a walk

A great, natural way of capturing the energy the two of you share is to get some pictures of you going for a little stroll. Whether the pictures are taken from the back or in front of you, it can capture your natural conversation and the stance you would usually take with each other.

Let your rings have the limelight

While, yes, you two are the stars of the show, your rings deserve to have a shot in the limelight too. They symbolise the love and commitment the two of you share together, and there are so many unique and quirky ways to capture some images of them on your big day.

The famous dip

One of the most famous romantic poses is the dip. Doing this pose gives your picture a little playful edge, but also leans into the classic romance that the pose provides. Adding a kiss into the mix will put the cherry on top to this beautiful wedding picture.

Work with your veil

Your veil can be your main accessory, and working with it in your pictures can ensure you get some creative shots that capture the ethereal magic of your day. Whether you use this veil to cover both of your faces, or feature it blowing in the wind, you’re bound to get some beautiful pictures.

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